Welcome to Happy New Shoes!

Greetings from San Diego !Everything began about one year ago when I wanted to buy a pair of shoes for my girlfriend. I decided to buy them online, so I went to Google and I typed “shoe shops”. If you do so you will see millions of web sites dedicated to shoes.

“That’s good!”, I thought. And I started to look around for the perfect pair of woman’s shoes. Well, I have to tell you that after some web sites and thousand of shoes watched, I was so confused that I could hardly remember my name!

However, this story has a happy ending, as I finally bought a pair of sandals and she loved them!

Well, while I was reviewing all those sites one-by-one, my mind was saying “Someone should review all these pages and rate them to make it easier!”.

And that’s exactly what I decided to do! I told my girlfriend about this idea and she liked it so much that we started it in few days… until today!

We hope that you enjoy the site and, even more important, that we can help you!

Once again, welcome!

Alex and Laia.


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