This test is for women only. If you are a man, don't worry! We'll have a test for you very soon. Meanwhile, maybe you can find the perfect shoes for that special woman you are thinking of. Try to answer like she would do!


1. At a party, you see a cute guy that you want to meet. You:

Go right up to him and ask if he's related to George Clooney

Go up to the bar to get a drink at the same time he does and strike up a casual conversation

Ask a mutual friend to introduce us

Hover in a corner all night and hope he approaches me


2.  Your idea of a great workout is:

A bicycle ride through a quaint town

Kickboxing with a touch of Tae Bo

A personal training session

A hike on a mountain trail


3.  At a fundraising auction, you bid on:

Custom-made leather pants

The latest alligator handbag I saw in a magazine

Belly dancing lessons

Season tickets to the opera


4.  What's your favorite mode of transportation?




Energy-saving car like a hybrid or a Prius


5.  Your ideal vacation getaway would be a:

Week at the beach with family

Week in Morocco with this month's squeeze

Week in Paris with my fianceé

Week in India taking photos with a boy who's just a friend


6.  Your favorite gum is:

Trident Sugarless Teeth Whitening Gum

Big Red Cinnamon

Bubble Yum

Freshen Up (I like the liquid center that spurts out when you bite it)


7.  If you could change your hair for a day, what color would it be?

Pale blonde -- do blondes really have more fun?

Carrot red -- to show my fiery side

Blue -- if it's only one day, I'm going all out

Jet black -- the rocker in me is begging to come out


8.  You get a last-minute phone call to attend an art opening, and you have one hour to get ready. You:

Throw on a leather jacket with jeans and boots and get ready to party!

Grab my favorite little black dress - that's what it's for

Go to my weekly yoga class instead - I'll get charged if I cancel at the last minute

Wear a work suit - it's just easier than trying to put something together

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